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Seminar report from Mr Jon Tizick / TSTUK

As always when attending a Martial arts seminar you have some pre conceived ideas about what you are expecting. With this one, which was described to me as “Self Defence” I didn’t really know which angle it was going to be approached from.


I turned up at the school and straight away on seeing the thick mats on the floor, I knew it was going to be a tough course, as the mats weren’t just there to make it nice and soft for our feet.

Mr Whitehead introduced Mr Stringer to us, and from his opening words I was very impressed. He was funny and witty, down to Earth, but more than that he gave off an aura of “I have been there, and seen it for real” not in a big headed way at all, but those of you who have had the pleasure to meet him, or others of his ilk, will know there is just something about these people that says DO NOT MESS.


I loved the approach he took to teaching, building up simple yet effective defences for the most popular weapons of attack. Namely a punch, a bottle and a knife.  The instructions were simple and clear, and Mr Stringer walked around and corrected everybody in turn.


All the techniques were simple to apply, yet they worked very, very, well. So well, it is nearly a week later and although I was never hit hard or in an over the top way, I still have the bruises on my arms to prove the effect of these techniques. Which, by the way we never got to try full out, these bruises are from no more than 25-50% effort and power.


After 3 and half hours, not only was I exhausted physically. I was racking my brain to remember and write down all the information I learned. I have been in Martial arts for over 25 years, and these simple techniques taught me a lot I didn’t know.


I was impressed with the venue, the host, Mr Stringer and his assistant, who must get up in the morning in a lot of pain, as he did have the full speed techniques tested on him for us to see. I thought the students who attended it were all pleasant and all there to learn. No egos flying about, even though it was a mixture of different styles in attendance.


I would definitely attend the course again and recommend as many people as possible do. This guy knows what he is talking about, and has tried and tested these simple to learn, easy to apply techniques that work.


Jon Tizick 5th Dan 



Seminar review: James Castle Sensei 3rd Dan

We were very pleased that were able to have Gary Stringer at our dojo recently for a seminar;  the theme was practical self defence and dealing with weapons, based on the principles of Stringer Jukado.

The tone of the session was relaxed and informal, whilst at the same time very practical and no nonsense. All of the techniques and principles taught  were those that had been pressure tested in real life confrontations that the instructor’s extensive career had brought him into; their rapid effectiveness was repeatedly demonstrated on the instructor’s uke (-me!)


The seminar content ranged from immediate self defence against habitual acts of violence through to uses of/ defence against weapons , and vital points striking.

Use of the kubotan , followed by the demonstration of the same techniques using the empty hand was a revelation for many of us.; but it was very clear, throughout the seminar, that the instruction was solely in methods which had been proven in practice during the instructor’s long military / law enforcement / martial arts career.


Comments from students (who ranged from novices to experienced karate-ka and included those with seasoned backgrounds in police/care/ juvenile delinquency) included;

 “ I can’t believe I could do that”

“an exceptional teacher”

“the best training I’ve ever had”

“He makes it so easy to learn”

“’I’d like to train with him every day!”

“That was amazing”

“How soon can you get him back?”

It personifies Gary’s attitude that, when asked if he would do this training, for a small club, he unhesitatingly answered that he would ‘be honoured’ to come and teach. This was despite the fact that, to my personal knowledge, this was on one of a very few free slots between his work teaching in the USA, Scandinavia, Europe and the UK.

Jim Castle  (3rd Dan)

Sasori te Karate -jutsu

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